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Finally getting it together

So I decided the only way I'm really going to be able to get into the gym as often as I'd like is if I brought the gym to me, so I went out and bought some equipment the other day. I got a barbell, some bumper plates, and a kettlebell from I like that site because it has good prices, but mainly it's the video reviews of gear that I love. You can't really find that anywhere else so I highly recommend taking a look if you're in the market for fitness equipment.

Anyway, my stuff arrived yesterday and I'm really pleased with it so far. It's so much easier to just go into the garage and do a quick 30 minute workout than it is to pack up all my crap, drive 20 mins to the gym, workout, and then drive 20 mins back. It saves me close to an hour of travel and waiting for the bench, etc... The other thing I LOVE is playing my music as loud as I want. YESSS!

Vacation = motivation

I'm going to Cancun soon so it's time to get into shape. Ok, correction, better shape. I'm already in pretty decent condition but I haven't been on a beach vacation in a while, and I've managed to get really toned since I moved to Boulder, CO just by living here. With all of the hiking and constant sunshine, there's very little excuse not to get outside and get moving, so it's helped me to get to "almost a six-pack" level abs. I literally need to lose 5 lbs to get there based on my bodyfat being about 12-13% now and needing to get to 10%.
It's tough to lose that last 5 lbs though so I'm going to keep track of my efforts here for future reference since I've never had a six-pack before. 

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